Simon Bregar


Creating well designed functional products, 3d visualizations, animated CGI,
and carefully crafted user experiences in physical and digital space.

Deep Space One
Interplanetary spaceship

As current socio-economic system of neoliberal capitalism is offering the space for sale, private mega corporations are not hasitating making profits from it. Such actions may result in unprecedented breeding of new kind of elitism which can easily result in corporatocratic ownership of space.

critical theory + speculative concept design

Bouba furniture collection + branding

Redesigning brand identity of the family furniture making company, laying out a clear company vision, establishing web and social media presence and designing flagship home accessories furniture collection.

branding + furniture design

Steam runner iron

Questioning the praxis of using planned obsolence as a driver for increasing sales and consumption in various industries. Can products in segments of consumer eletronics and home appliances, be designed in a sustainable way?

industrial design + sustainability

Sculpt scissors

Exploring the balance between a strictly functional object and sculpted art piece.

industrial design

Parametra vase

Experimenting with parametricly controlled complex 3d surface generation.

industrial design

The Martian lamp

Reminding that problems we’re trying to solve on Earth will only follow us to Mars and cannot be turned off like a light switch.⁠⠀

critical theory + speculative concept design

Sana urban composting toilet

Tackling with ever increasing waste footprint in big cities and closing the loop by transitioning from linear to circular economy.

industrial design +  sustainability

Mono outdoor furniture collection

Creating a modular outdoor furniture collection inspired by the pure minimalism of cuboid volumes present in mediterranean architecture.

furniture design

Loma mobile house

Designing a modular mobile home suitable for Scandinavian environment in cooperation with mobile home producer Adria Home.



Improving communicating their values, promises and vision through refined user experience and service design.

service design + UX design

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I am always trying to implement user-centered and sustainability orientated approach for means of delivering highest possible added value to multiple stakeholders - all the way from companies to end users.

I have a demonstrated history in implementing various design thinking research and ideation strategies together with rapid prototyping techniques such as sketching, wireframing, 3d modelling, 3d rendering and 3d printing in order to achieve innovative products and user friendly product experiences.


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