Simon Bregar

The glass stories

The short film depicts the glass substance as seen through the eyes of the author, a young designer and artist Brina Steblovnik, coming from the north of Slovenia, which used to be full of forest glassworks of which nothing but stories remain. The aim of the film is to show the the beauty of the glass substance and the vulnerability of the craft in contemporary context.

The author expresses her wish and the aim of the film, to bring the wider public closer to the world of glass in order to familiarise them with the cultural importance of nurturing the surviving glass craft practices.

Short film


Director, screen writer, narrator, starring: Brina Steblovnik

DOP, editor, colorist, sound designer: Simon Bregar

Special thanks to the filming premises and portrayed craftsman:

Glassworks Lasvit Ajeto
Glassworks Kunc
UMPRUM, Academy for Art, Architecture and Design in Prague
And the helping locals of Smolnik village, Andreja Kotnik and Milan Višič, for sharing their stories and found glass objects from the location of one of the last glassworks of Pohorje hills in Slovenia


©Simon Bregar